AWD | About the company
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About the company


Who We Are

AWD is a Minority Women Owned Small Business that offers an array of professional services that are all focused on a fundamental way of doing business. We ultimately take a simple approach to doing business: Be professional, Be knowledgeable, Be operationally efficient, Be cost effective, Be Value added, and “Do what we say we will do” – Always.

Our company’s capability, experience and successful performance in providing our services have an continue to be a critical and integral part of our customer’s operational and mission success.

From providing large scale Equipment and Fleet Vehicle Maintenance to providing parts/product/materials to over 300 US installations worldwide that support over 20,000 vehicle assets, AWD’s maintenance and global logistics teams afford our clients with reliable cost effective solutions giving them peace of mind that the job will get done and their needs will be completely satisfied.

Affiliations & Recognitions

Let’s deliver the


right solution for your business

Our Team


Jason Kidd

Executive Team, Knoxville TN

Steve Barton

Executive Team, Rock Island Arsenal, IL

Charlene Morris

Executive Team, Charlotte, NC

Having been Blessed with the team at AWD, I’m confident that whatever daily challenges we face, we will continue to come together with great care and innovation to meet the needs of our clients.

Kenneth Biles

Executive Team, San Antonio, TX